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This will be our main source of communication.



Parents and guardians are a big part of the success of Trail Volleyball. You're a big part of our team! What can you do to help with that?

• Be encouraging and positive with your daughter.  

• Don't focus on the wins and losses. Focus on teaching her to have a great work ethic and to be accountable.

• Please be on time when dropping off/picking up.

• Support the coaches. You may not understand a decision, but all decisions are based on what's best for the team. Not necessarily individual players.

• Please do not approach the team bench until after the game is over.  After the game, we welcome you to come down and be with the team!  

• Please wait until the next day to contact us with concerns and remember- if your issue isn't an issue with your daughter, it's likely best to leave it alone.

• Support and cheer for the team.

• Check this site and join our REMIND text list for updates.


We appreciate the opportunity to coach your daughter. We will never make perfect decisions, nor make everyone happy, but we will do our best. We will be tough and expect hard work, a good attitude, and dedication from your daughter. In return, we guarantee that we will work hard for her and teach her valuable life lessons. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out or ask below!

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