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Fluffy Clouds



"I am having lots of fun at practice everyday. It is great to practice with the incoming freshman they are a great group! I am excited for this season!"


Roslyn Sisson

"I'm excited for this upcoming season and to be able to not only have great coaches but great teammates. Whatever covid throws at us, we'll find a way around it together. :)"

Abigail Rowe

"I am beyond excited to play one more season of volleyball as a Charger! Our #Recharged volleyball camp was a great opportunity to meet the underclassmen and brush up on our skills. I can’t wait to do great things this year with this incredible team and coaching staff!️️"

-Addie Hinterweger

"Volleyball has been apart of my life for so long and I enjoy all the new coaching staff! I'm so sad it's my last year, but i'm so ready to see what's in store for my teammates and I.️"

-Emma Berkley

"Volleyball has been amazing. At camp, I had the chance to meet our freshman and middle school players. No matter what we did or do, I’m always smiling. That’s how much I love it. Our coaches have made it fun again, for me at least. And Queen of Courts at the end of every practice? Yes!"

Alexia Thompson

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Will be immediately following school until 5:15pm each weekday. Players are expected to be on time and ready to go. Summer practices are on the schedule above.


Players are expected to attend every practice (during the school year), unless they are sick or have an excused absence. See district guidelines for complete information (linked on home page).


No cell phones during practice or games. Players may listen to music on the bus or before warm-ups, but otherwise will be asked to put their phones away and support their teammates.


Players are expected to work to better their team and themselves. Giving nothing less than 100% at practices.


Gossip, teasing, and the like will not be tolerated. We are a team and will treat others with respect and dignity.

"Commit yourself to something bigger than yourself!"

- Jim Rohn



Commit. Communicate. Coachable.

Student athletes will be COMMITTED to the SFTHS Volleyball Program by:

• Maintaining high academic standards
• Following the rules set by the coaches and the school
• Participating enthusiastically and with a positive attitude

• Setting challenging and realistic goals

• Dealing with challenges in a positive manner

• Playing with dignity and grace, regardless of winning or losing

• Anything that doesn't reflect the values of the Program, whether at school, at home, or on social media may result in extra conditioning, suspension, or dismissal.


Student athletes will COMMUNICATE openly and honestly by:
• Sharing appropriate individual and team concerns with the coaching staff

• Talking to us after practice or via phone/email

Student athletes will be COACHABLE by:

• Being open to constructive feedback

• Recognizing that student participation in athletics is a privilege

• Earning their position on the team

• Behaving with integrity

• Developing a team attitude
• Accepting responsibility as a role model for others

• Have fun! This is your one and only high school experience and we want you to have great memories from it!

Playing time is a direct reflection of a player’s attitude, work ethic, and attendance at practice. We aren't focusing on ability or what position someone played last year. This season is a fresh start!